Wind Energy Tax Credit

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Thank you for accepting this letter. I am writing to ask that you vote to continue the wind energy
tax credits. These tax credits have made many economic opportunities available in our area and
continue to open possibilities for the future.

The Logan County Board estimates that they may gain approximately one million dollars in
revenue from the construction and permitting of wind farms in Logan County. 71% of this
revenue is destined for area schools in an effort to increase the quality of life and the standard
of the educational facilities in our communities. If the tax credits that wind farms can now take
advantage of were to disappear the potential for an additional two wind farms in Logan County
would become unfeasible.

As we look toward the future Central Illinois communities need new and innovative businesses
to take an interest in them. These tax credits not only help the United States in developing its
renewable energy sources but also help small communities entice new employers and stimulate
their economy. Please vote in favor of keeping wind energy tax credits. Thank you for your
service and attention.

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