Logan County has a diverse economy and workforce with jobs and companies in a broad range of industry sectors that include agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, education, and services. Further, the county’s location at the center of the 11-County region and the large economies of the five major urban areas flanking the county provide the local workforce with a range of opportunities to work elsewhere in the region and gives local companies the opportunity to access a large pool of labor. In spite of these strengths, Logan County’s workforce has contracted over the last decade. Understanding the county’s workforce and key industry strengths will be a key to reversing this trend and identifying growth opportunities.

Workforce Profile:

Logan County Workforce BreakdownThe U.S. Office of Management and Budget worked with U.S. Census Bureau and the Bureau of Labor Statistics to create the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) in 2002 as a tool to collect and analyze statistical data on the economy and workforce. NAICS uses a system of nested codes to classify every business establishment. Two digit codes define industries at their most broad and general level (i.e. manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture), while three and four digit codes define industries with a finer grain of specificity (i.e. automobile manufacturing, senior care, animal production). At the most general level, the largest industry sectors in Logan County are:

• Trade, Transportation, and Utilities
• Education and Healthcare
• Manufacturing

Together, these three industry sectors comprise almost 70 percent of the county’s workforce. The top category (Trade, Transportation, and Utilities) includes things like freight trucking, rail transportation, warehousing and storage, and utilities.

Existing Industry Clusters:

Lincoln and Logan County Employment by IndustryLogan County has a diverse economy that crosses with significant levels of employment in a number of sectors. Examining the existing mix of companies and the landscape of the county workforce helps provide insight into the industry sectors in which Logan County is currently excelling. The chart (to the right) provides an initial look at the percentage of employment in Logan County in primary industries and how those percentages compare to state and national benchmarks. The chart clearly shows how Logan County’s level of employment in transportation, education, healthcare, and manufacturing is significantly higher than the typical level of employment in those industries. Logan County also has a significantly above average percentage of employment in agriculture compared to Illinois and the U.S. as a whole, but this sector is still relatively small in terms of the number of jobs it provides.