Logan County Airport

The Logan County Airport is located just to the northeast of Lincoln and is the only public use airport in Logan county. The airport is owned and operated by the Logan County Board and maintained in operation year round. There are two runways, a 3,999ft (70ft wide, designation 03/21) paved asphalt strip that can handle approximately 12,500lbs aircraft and a small 3,003ft cross grass strip (designated 14/32). The paved strip is open all year round. The airport bases approximately 32 fixed wing aircraft, primarily of the general aviation class, has both open air and hangar space available for rent and is a frequent stop for transient aircraft looking for a quality, low cost fuel source.

Logan County Airport is also home to the Heritage in Flight museum and a portion of the Lincoln Art and Balloon Festival. The Heritage in Flight museum boasts a collection of former military and civilian aircraft placed on permanant outdoor display, an indoor museum of military memorabilia and offers flight training services to interested parties. The museum also hosts an annual Airport Daze fly in and fun outing for the family. The Art and Balloon Festival is an annual, internationally renowned balloon festival that can see as many as 50 wildly colorful balloons launch into the August sky and dance around the Logan county cornfields. The festival usually runs around the third week of August each year and is a star attraction in Central Illinois.