Countywide Master Plan – Logan 2.0 the GLLC Initiative

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Logan County is a classic example of a Midwestern community that is “caught in the middle”. Throughout the Midwest, small communities are facing challenges brought on by an ongoing global economic transformation that is reshaping the worldwide distribution of production, capital, employment, and entrepreneurism. In the technology-driven, globally-connected economy of the 21st century, manufacturing gravitates toward lowest input costs, ideas can happen anywhere, and the high-skilled workforce that is needed to stay competitive has the freedom to choose their community first and their job second.

The Logan County Economic Development Master Plan, now called Logan 2.0, the GLLC Initiative, is not a typical economic development plan because these are not typical economic times. A traditional economic development approach that focuses on tactical, deal-by-deal efforts to attract businesses and growth is simply not sufficient to address the foundational challenges facing the community. Instead, this Plan focuses on creating a strong, forwardlooking vision and strategies to position Logan County for long term success in an era that will be defined by global change, regional cooperation, and an ability to foster a renewed entrepreneurial spirit.

The master plan has received an endorsement from a majority of the public entities and organizations countywide and has now moved into the implementation phase.

The Implementation Phase will be called Logan 2.0 the GLLC (Grow Lincoln & Logan County) Initiative. The GLLC Initiative will use community volunteers to review, accomplish and recommend objectives from the Plan. The GLLC Initiative uses the Master Plans 5 major initiatives as its major points of focus. These initiatives are:

  • Building a Compelling Place;
  • 21st Century Infrastructure and Cultivating Entrepreneurs;
  • Leverage Higher Education Assets;
  • Capitalize on Hub Location;
  • Strengthen Position as Illinois Wind Capital.

The Partnership continually seeks volunteers to work on each of these initiatives. People are sought with specialized expertise in one of the 5 major initiatives and who are not elected officials. To date 3 leaders have been selected, all of whom are specialists in their field and will bring the GLLC Initiative life, creativity and ingenuity. These leaders are now actively recruiting team members. The Partnership is still looking for lead volunteer specialists in two fields; they are Capitalizing on Hub Location and Strengthen Position as Illinois Wind Capital. Volunteers should be Logan County residents and have experience in one of the two fields. To volunteer, contact us via our volunteer sign up form. All positions are unpaid, volunteer positions. Are you unable to donate your time but would like to contribute to the success of the Partnership, we encourage y ou to donate funds to our projects.

The Logan 2.0 GLLC Initiative Volunteer Team (L-R: David Lanterman, Kristi Powell, Crystall Alley, Mark Houpt)

Volunteers include:

The Lincoln and Logan County Development Partnership is a nonprofit organization with the goals to develop new business, retain current business and enhance the quality of life in Lincoln and Logan County.

We encourage you to read more about how Lincoln & Logan county plans to tackle our economic future together by downloading and reading our Economic Development Master Plan. We are sure you will find that Lincoln and Logan county Illinois is the place for your business.