Bimodal Transportation

Accessing the global economy is vital to any business. Lincoln & Logan County is ideally suited for your small and bulk transportation needs. Logan County has existing

1) high speed rail lines

2) U.S. Interstate system, running north / south that cuts through the heart of the county (with easy access to another running east / west)

3) airport systems with the Logan County airport located in the heart of the County and associated larger airports in Springfield, Bloomington / Normal and Peoria.

All of these transportation methods or links ensure your business, located in Logan County has easy, high capacity, high speed and efficient access not only to any points within the United States but also the world!

U.S. Interstate System / Trucking:

U.S. Interstate 55 runs through the heart of Logan County. Interstate 55 runs north / south from Chicago to New Orleans, joining and paralleling the Mississippi river in St. Louis, just a mere 129 miles from Logan County. ¬†Interstate 55 provides access to sea and river ports in Chicago, St. Louis, Memphis and eventually the Gulf of Mexico’s queen port of New Orleans, all of which are no more than a days drive from Logan County. Interstate 55 intersects with nine additional Interstate road systems, allowing access to any point in the continental United States.

Interstate 55 directly intersects with Interstate 74, an east / west Interstate with end points at the Mississippi river in Davenport, IA and the major north / south east coast artery Interstate 95 in Lumberton, NC. Interstate 74 also directly intersects with nine additional Interstate systems, again allowing for access to any point in the continental United States.

Logan County has a number of existing truck and trailer depots and is always looking for more. Located in Atlanta is USF Holland, a nationally renowned freight hauler and in Lincoln is Fed Ex and George Jones trucking, just to name a few.

High Speed Rail:

Lincoln and Logan County has running through the heart of it existing high speed rail lines, one of six initial installation batches around the country. The high speed lines run north / south from St. Louis to Chicago. Not only do high speed rail lines allow for faster and more frequent rail traffic, but also higher weight capacities allowing more freight and more opportunity to flow through Lincoln and Logan County. The high speed rail line is owned and operated by Union Pacific Railroad.

You think one rail line is enough? We don’t. Logan County is also home to a significant amount of trackage for the Canadian National Railroad. Canadian National and Burlington Northern / Santa Fe run numerous freight trains on lines between Decatur and Peoria with Logan County points being Lincoln and Mt. Pulaski and then another line from Clinton to Springfield, intersecting in Mt. Pulaski. Each of these lines allows for extensions of services and freight transportation well beyond Logan County to points in all directions and transfers to other rail lines.

And even more! Lincoln is a servicing stop for Amtrak passenger rail services. Amtrak offers two trains with approximately eight daily north and south departures via Lincoln:

1) the Texas Eagle runs both directions daily from Chicago, through St. Louis, Little Rock and Dallas before terminating in San Antonio. In addition, the Texas Eagle runs through San Antonio to points west, terminating in Los Angeles with a thrice weekly frequency.

2) the Lincoln, which runs north / south servicing Chicago to St. Louis and points in between.