About Us

Logan County and its individual communities have several strong assets and long histories of being quality places to live, raise a family, and earn a comfortable living. As a public-private organization, the Lincoln and Logan County Development Partnership is ideally suited to preparing and leading a robust economic development strategy that assists the communities of Logan County to remain quality places to live, raise a family and earn a comfortable living.


The Lincoln & Logan County Development Partnership adopted its by Laws in 2000 and shortly after became a 501 (C) 3 organization. Also known as the Partnership, it has had the mission of enhancing, expanding and creating a viable economy and quality of life for Logan County businesses and communities. The Partnership sees itself as the helping hand to businesses who want to expand or start up in Logan County; a partner to Logan County Governments; and a representative of our communities.

To accomplish our mission, the Partnership has developed an economic development master plan that will be implemented in 2012. For more information on the master plan master plan select “Countywide Master Plan” from our “Start or Move a Business” link or click here.


The Partnership is an IRS 501C3 organization that is governed by a Board of Directors. The Board consists of Logan County at-large appointees whom are individuals with interest in seeing Logan County as a whole succeed economically and as a community as a whole. Many of these community leaders are business owners, Doctors and educators.

In addition to the Countywide appointees, each significant town / city / village located within the boundaries of Logan County appoint  members to ensure their respective interests are maintained.

Day to day operation of the Partnership and execution of the Master Plan is accomplished by our Executive Director, whom is assisted by our Office Manager.

Office Location:

The Partnership offices are located in Lincoln, the county seat and geographic center of the county. Lincoln is in a perfect location for your business, “caught in the middle” of Springfield , Bloomington / Normal, Peoria and Decatur. Specifically, the offices are located at 1555 5th Street, Lincoln, IL. 62656, which is on the corner of 5th Street and America’s “mother road,” Route 66. The Partnership offices are co-located with the Chamber of Commerce and Abraham Lincoln Tourism Bureau.

Partnership Goal:

To partner with businesses, government agencies, educators and community leaders to:

- Competitively position and market Logan County as a place that meets the needs of new businesses;

- Encourage and foster expansion of existing business;

- Advocate for measures that will preserve and enhance Logan County communities;

- Enhance the quality of life for current and future Logan County residents

Partnership Programs:

Business Retention – provide support and advocacy to encourage businesses to remain in Logan County.

Business Expansion – provide support and encouragement for sustainable growth of local business.

Business Attraction – strategically identifies industries and businesses and engages in a direct marketing approach to elicit interest in Logan County communities.

Planning & Site Development – assists potential new businesses to identify viable sites and provide information regarding potential benefits.